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All Sales Representatives are Independent Contractors and may represent other lines/companies not represented by The Collins Group, Inc.

Karyn Terlecky (New England, NJ, NY, PA, OH, WV, KY, IL, IN, WI and Eastern Canada)  
Phone 860-620-3015 Fax 888-307-1199

Donna Silliman (NC, SC, VA, MD, DE, TN)
Phone 704-989-8495

Leslie Rodriguez (OR, SW WA)
Phone: 503-754-5506

Emily Cates (W. WA)
Phone: 206-941-1188
Fax: 206-364-4722

Lisa Harrison (TX, OK, LA, AR, North FL, FL Panhandle, MS and GA)
Cell 904-568-5268
Fax 864-712-9221

Phyllis Cardosi (FL-Tampa -Miami)
Phone 727-596-1014
Fax 727-596-1031
Cell 727-403-9864

Donna Heckenlaible (S. CA)
Phone: 562-943-8898
Fax: 916-880-4030
Cell: 714-356-0475

Julie Kelly (N. CA - Bay Area, N. NV, Western Canada)
Phone: 650-759-0120
Fax: 650-591-3944

Questions? Contact Jenni Sprinz:
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